Songs are offal.

The songwriter has already done her part, has already exposed her emotion or philosophy or spirit. If I ignore the words, she won't ever know. It's not what it's about for her. I don't specifically factor into her goal.

So I ignore lyrics mostly because people can't write well and inevitably their songs are about the same mundane offal as everyone else's. I'm listening to the music for the same reason I'm doing anything else: to build my narrative. So I use it how I see fit, take that creative license. I identify with what the music is saying, what the vocal tones are saying, and don't pay much mind to the words. Even when I understand what the singer's singing, and can get the message, and even if I sing along, and even if I might identify with it a little, it's mostly by virtue of how the lyrics fit into the experience. I'm unlikely to read them by themselves.



My name is Daniel Black. I am on the internet in several places, including Twitter and Tumblr. I am a person. I am a father and a husband. I am was a university student of mathematics. I am a less formalized student of thinking, of philosophy, of writing, and of how to make decisions.

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